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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the FAQs, we are a small volunteer group and cannot answer individual enquiries. 

What time will the rally be?

From 5 pm till 7:30 pm to cover the main teatime news outlets.

Can I help?

Yes, by getting more folk to sign up here and alerting any groups you belong to. We've got most things covered on the day. Sorry, but can't reply to individual enquiries or offers of help. We are all volunteers and unfortunately there isn't the time to do this. 

Should I bring placards/banners?

Yes. Leave it till we know which way the verdict has gone, then get cracking.

What happens with different possible rulings of the Supreme Court?

If it rules in favour of the Scottish Government, then it’s game on for indyref2 next October and we should celebrate that fact. If the Court rules against, we need to ask how on earth Scotland can legally and democratically vote to leave the union. If judgement is reserved in any way, we should be restating that now IS the time and that the Scottish people are sovereign

Will the protest be filmed?

Yes, and film will be uploaded immediately so that broadcasters across the world can use it.

Who will be speaking?

There will be speakers from every Yes party and none.

Will there be pipers ?

Yes and Yes! If you would like to join the band email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Will there be stewards?

Yes, the event will be stewarded. 

What if I’m too far from Edinburgh to get there on the day

Fair point. Some Yes Groups like Yes Lochaber, Hawick and Forfar are already thinking about rallies at a significant place near them. The National Yes Network is also considering this. Lesley will hold a zoom event for groups who want to hold their own events and can't get to Edinburgh. If you represent a group please fill in the form here: